Students should be helpful to other students, must respect deadlines, be present during scheduled class hours and comply with generally accepted rules for academic honesty. In particular, this means that plagiarism must be avoided. Plagiarism will be sanctioned. Three missed deadlines in a course will lead to failure. Students may apply to repeat a course.


Teaching Assistants

TAs assist students with learning, are helpful to students, make sure students stay on track, are present during scheduled hours, track and report on the weekly progress of the students assigned to them, and grade students when applicable. TAs can grant students extensions of deadlines of up to 3 working days, if the request has been made by email before the deadline.


Community Managers

The Community Manager will ensure the smooth operation of a local center. The CM will ensure that students are properly registered, and that the students have access to equipment in good working order. The CM will receive weekly progress reports from TAs on students progress, and will track the quality of the work done by the TAs.


Engagement Managers

Engagement Managers help students find online work opportunities, and reviews and controls the quality of work done by students in order to build EQI students’ reputation for quality online work.